As wood turners and makers we try to provide you with the types of wood turning blanks and supplies that are unique and one off's to make those individual and unique items.

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Please note : Unlike other dealers we do not make and sell our blanks from offcuts. Each piece is hand selected for quality and checked again before being posted out. This may not make use the cheapest on the internet but you really do get what you pay for!

  • Amboyna 'Red'

    Red Heart Burr Pen Blanks

  • Amboyna 'Golden'

    Golden Amboyna Burr

  • Two / Tone End Amboyna Burr

    Two Tone blanks

  • Two / Tone through the body Amboyna Burr!

    Unique two tone burr throughout the blank body. Very, Very limited quantities.


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Pen Kits

A selection of Pen Kits, some new designs.